Friday, December 30, 2016

Gingerbread Activities in Part 2 December 2016

Here is a link to a slideshow with pictures of some of the activities we did with the Gingerbread theme the past month in Part 2.  

Both groups read versions of the Gingerbread Man/Boy/Girl/Baby story. Painting and coloring activities were often available for free choice. 

The preschool group decorated large gingerbread cookies and the after school group made and decorated gingerbread houses. 

The last few slides show the preschool group making and creating with gingerbread scented playdough on the last day of school.

Saturday, November 19, 2016

Preschool Group Pictures from October and November

Our three Part 2 Early years programs periodically switch material so that we have new toys, puzzles and other activities. The Marble Works, Legos and Bristle Blocks saw a lot of creative building the past six weeks. Children also had fun taking care of the babies and cooking in the house dramatic play area.  This group often dons capes and takes "rides" around the world.  Enjoy our photos.

October and November photos

Wednesday Morning Playdough

It was a rainy Wednesday morning so we made two new batches of playdough.  The group measured, mixed, squeezed and squished until we got the consistency we wanted. Then we made balls, snakes, ropes and even practiced cutting with scissors.  After a long time with playdough, the group took a "bus" ride.
Enjoy the photos.

Playdough photos